Canada’s Water Abandoned by Two Parties, Defended by Three


(Ottawa) The five main political parties vary greatly in their commitment to protect Canada’s water, according to an analysis published today by Sierra Club Canada.

“The striking conclusion from our analysis is that three parties are making significant commitments to address the unfulfilled federal role in safeguarding Canada’s fresh water, and two are not,” said Stephen Hazell, Executive Director of Sierra Club Canada.
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Much at Stake if Parties don’t address Freshwater Concerns


(Ottawa) The federal government needs to step up to its role in protecting fish and fish habitat in Canada.  A recent study published in the journal Fisheries reports that up to 40% of North American freshwater fish populations are in peril, largely due to human activities, such as polluting and damming waterways that serve as fish habitat.
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Fresh water in its many forms is an integral core of what most of us deem to be Canadian. From thundering rivers, mighty glaciers and the land of endless lakes - all as undeniably Canadian as maple syrup, hockey and universal health care in our imaginations. This comfortable image may no longer be assured. Looking at a map of our vast nation, Canada appears well endowed with water. Critically, though, less than half of Canada's fresh water is available for use by most Canadians. Sixty percent of our fresh water flows north toward the Arctic, while 85 percent of us live in a narrow band along Canada's southern border.... Read more »

Tomorrow Today: How Canada can make a world of difference


Issued by the country’s 11 largest environmental and conservation organizations, this document offers practical directions for addressing the number one concern for Canadians – the state of the environment.

The recommendations centre on climate change, energy use, food production, toxic substances, water, forests and oceans.


Canada Lags Behind U.S. in Great Lakes Protection

tToronto – Canadian governments must do their fair share to clean up and protect the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River, according to a Great Lakes Blueprint released today by six leading environmental groups. The Blueprint release coincides with a meeting of experts in Toronto over the next two days to discuss protecting Great Lakes drinking water.

“The U.S. Congress is considering billions in Great Lakes spending. With half of the Canadian population depending on the Great Lakes and their tributaries for drinking water, Canadian funding to protect the resource is grossly inadequate,” said Derek Stack, Executive Director, Great Lakes United.

The United States has proposed a bill that earmarks $20 billion for Great Lakes clean-up efforts, and has already taken concrete action on many fronts.


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