Environmental rules broken but mine can proceed, high court rules

OTTAWA — Environmentalists predicted more rigorous government scrutiny of private industrial projects after the Supreme Court of Canada ruled Thursday that the federal government was breaking its own law by excluding public input when it approved a mine in northern British Columbia.

The unanimous court, while requiring more stringent environmental study in the future, nevertheless ruled that Imperial Metals' gold and copper mine can go ahead without a full impact study.


Additional excerpt:

Meanwhile, the Sierra Club of Canada described the ruling as "disturbing" because it does not order the federal government to reassess the impact of the Red Chris mine, which would be located adjacent an area called the "Sacred Headwaters" — the birthplace of three of B.C.'s greatest salmon-bearing rivers, the Stikine, Nass and Skeena rivers.... Read more »

Winterlude water usage shocks Sierra Club

OTTAWA — The enormous amount of water used to build Winterlude's Snowflake Kingdom in Gatineau is adding to skepticism about the NCC's commitment to a carbon-neutral Winterlude within two years, say officials at the Sierra Club of Canada.

Celeste Côté, the group's national water campaigner, gasped when she heard it takes more than 12-million litres of water to build the ice and snow slides and other structures at Jacques Cartier Park, enough to supply water to 55 average Ottawa homes for an entire year.

"Oh my God," said Côté. "It strikes me as incredibly wasteful ... I'm sure there are ways to do this that are less energy-intensive."... Read more »

Profile: Sierra Prairie Chapter's Vital Contribution to Prairie Water Directive

Lindsay Telfer, Director of the Sierra Club Prairie Chapter, is profiled in a recent issue of the Western Producer for her vital contribution to a report entitled: Prairie Water Directive, A Collective Call to Action for Water Security in the Prairie Provinces.... Read more »

Water Campaign

SCC's Water Campaign

ActionH2O seeks to harness a grassroots collective effort to develop new conservation and efficiency-based approaches to water management that are adopted by local governments. This bottom-up effort has HUGE potential to change how water is managed across the whole country! The goal of ActionH2O is to work with 20 cities and towns across Canada over the next 1½ years to identify locally relevant solutions and opportunities for action on water conservation.

The Action H2O website can be found here.

NWPA Amendments Jeopardize the Health of Canadian Rivers


The NWPA mandates that, before a project is built in, on, around, under, or over a navigable waterway, the potential impacts on navigation and the environment mustbe assessed.
... Read more »



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