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#BlackOutSpeakOut Ottawa Teach-in May 30th

Dear Friends,

It has been a busy few weeks here in Ottawa and across the country. People everywhere are talking about devastating changes to environmental law and regulation (Canadian Environmental Assessment Act and Fisheries Act) undemocratically crammed into the federal budget.... Read more »


Sierra Club's continued sponsorship of McMaster research

Sierra Club Ontario is happy to announce the commencement of the second phase of McMaster Great Lakes research funded by the Sierra Club of Canada Foundation.  The research examines the threats to coastal biodiversity due to changes in the hydrologic regime of Lakes Huron and Erie.  The first report (see attachment below), summarizes their main year-one findings.

With continued Sierra Club sponsorship, the research team has just started a second season of tracking the Blanding's turtle, northern pike and as well as beginning a new project identifying muskellunge spawning and nursery habitat in Georgian Bay.

Ottawa cuts water surveillance amidst warnings to heed global warming

OTTAWA - Environment Canada is cutting the scope of its water surveillance, internal documents show, even as Ottawa is being publicly warned to mind the serious effects of climate change.

A new report from the soon-to-be-defunct National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy warns that both business and government are dragging their feet in preparing for the inevitable effects of global warming.

At the same time, an internal memo from Environment Canada shows that budget cuts will require the department to scale back its monitoring of water ~ the very element that climate change most influences.

"The Sustainable Water Management Division is the most impacted," John Moffet, director general of legislative and regulatory affairs at Environment Canada, says in a note to his colleagues explaining how some of the budget cuts will work. The note has been widely circulated among environmental activists.
... Read more »

McGuinty Government promises a Great Lakes Protection Act

By Dan McDermott, Chapter Director

Premier Dalton McGuinty’s commitment to enact a Great Lakes Protection Act (GLPA) was the one new environmental commitment put forward by the Liberals during last fall’s election. The environmental community responded positively to the pledge while noting that the funding component mentioned by the Premier was a modest one. It was also noted that the commitment contained no specifics as to what McGuinty saw as priority Great Lakes issues.... Read more »

The Township of Achipelago recognizes Mary Muter for her Great Lakes work

Great Lakes Section Chair Mary Muter was honoured earlier this year by the Township of the Archipelago "for her dedication and hard work in seeking solutions to the current problems facing the water quality and water levels of the Great Lakes." See more online here:


We're proud of you Mary!


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