Great Lakes

Acclaimed enviro writer exposes the politics behind low lake levels

Pressure is mounting on the U.S. and Canadian governments to explore ways to restore water levels on Lakes Michigan and Huron that have been lowered nearly two feet due to historic dredging on the St. Clair River. The two lakes, which are actually one body of water connected at the Straits of Mackinac, have been below their long-term average for more than a decade, and forecasters say in the coming months they could plunge below their record low.

Now an organization of 90 mayors representing more than 15 million residents in cities across the Great Lakes region is telling the International Joint Commission that it is "dissatisfied" with a recent study that determined restoring lake levels by installing some type of structure to repair damage done to the St. Clair River would be a costly project that could take decades and ultimately do more harm than good.... Read more »

Nuclear waste dump in Great Lakes?

Learn about current proposals to bury nuclear waste and the Great Lakes locations being considered for the dump:

Sunday, Sept. 30, 6:30-8:30pm

St. Clair County Community College

How many dead fish would be “significant”?

From our friends at Lake Ontario Waterkeeper -- a persuasive argument against the Darlington nuclear power plant's use/abuse of the fisheries and water resources of Lake Ontario. 

By Krystyn Tully, Weekly

A nuclear power plant in Ontario should be allowed to kill millions of fish each year, say staff of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC). Their surprising recommendation is part of the final environmental assessment report for Ontario Power Generation’s plan to refurbish four nuclear reactors at its Darlington Nuclear Generating Station on the north shore of Lake Ontario.... Read more »

Georgian Bay loses water while International Joint Commission does nothing

Toronto Star - Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2012

By Catherine Porter, Columnist

The maples on Georgian Bay are already changing. It’s almost time to say goodbye for another year.

 ... Read more »

Breaking News: IJC Accepts Comments Until Sept. 30; Holds Teleconference on Sept. 19

In an Open Public Letter sent out on August 31, 2012 – the first-announced deadline for comments on their Report on International Great Lakes Study – the International Joint Commission (IJC) has stated:

“Due to strong public interest, the IJC has extended the deadline for written comment until September 30, 2012.”

How to send comments;

Address your mail as follows:

International Joint Commission
234 Laurier Avenue West, 22nd Floor
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 6K6                                       

... Read more »


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