Flathead Valley

Flathead Valley

Make it a National Park  

A very special valley lies in the very south east corner of British Columbia. The Flathead Valley is a wilderness treasure of international significance as one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems of the continent and a crucial corridor for large carnivores and ungulates. The Flathead Valley deserves the protection of national park designation not the threat of industrial development.

Sierra Club Canada - Submission to the Senate Committee on Energy (Re: C-38)

May 31, 2012

Submission to the Senate Committee on Energy

Re: Bill C-38

John Bennett, Executive Director

Sierra Club Canada

Thursday, May 31 201

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UPDATE: #BlackOutSpeakOut Events

Media Release, May 29, 2012

#BlackOutSpeakOut Update

We are just a week away from #BlackOutSpeakOut day (June 4th). I can tell you the campaign momentum is building! The list of participating organizations is over 100 and growing! Maude Barlow just told me The Council of Canadians is also joining the protest. All across the country Canadians are recognizing that silence is not an option in face of the war on nature and democracy.

This week here in Ottawa we have two events:

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#BlackOutSpeakOut Ottawa Teach-in May 30th

Dear Friends,

It has been a busy few weeks here in Ottawa and across the country. People everywhere are talking about devastating changes to environmental law and regulation (Canadian Environmental Assessment Act and Fisheries Act) undemocratically crammed into the federal budget.... Read more »


Conservation groups launch Save Our Parks Week

and say "back to drawing-board" on new parks act

Edmonton, Red Deer & Calgary:  At press conferences today in Alberta’s three largest media centres, Alberta’s conservation groups announced that the government’s proposed new parks legislation is so regressive and harmful to Alberta’s parks that they are launching November 15-20 as Save Our Parks Week.  They want the Bill withdrawn by the Tourism, Parks and Recreation Minister and are calling on Albertans to save their parks by emailing and faxing their MLAs and Premier Stelmach, with copies to the opposition parties, starting first thing Monday when the Bill is scheduled for debate late that day in the Legislature.  The groups expect that once the public realizes passage of the Bill will pull the le­gal teeth out of their existing parks legislation and make it the law that protection is no longer the pri­ority in any of their parks, such public action can stop the Bill as it did a similar one in 1999.... Read more »


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