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We've Commented on Bill 66- The Proposed Great Lakes Protection Act, 2015

The commenting period for the Proposed Great Lakes Protection Act (GLPA) is now closed but Sierra Club of Canada Foundation made a submission last week during the public hearings before the Standing Committee on General Government. Submission below:


Bill 66 (proposed Great Lakes Protection Act)

Submission to the Standing Committee on General Government

23 September 2015


Grant Crack, Chair

Standing Committee on General Government

99 Wellesley Street West, Room 1405

Whitney Block, Queen's Park

Toronto, ON

M7A 1A2


Sylwia Przezdziecki, Clerk

Tel: 416-325-3515

Fax: 416-325-3505

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Unity for the Climate

Over the past 5 months, Joseph Boutilier has cycled 5,000km on one wheel to call for action on climate change. Join Joseph as he arrives in our nation’s capital – his final destination – to meet with MPs just as Parliament reopens for the Fall session. Join others demanding political action and unity for the climate crisis. Do it #ForOurFuture.

12:00 pm, September 15, 2014 – Parliament Hill (Meet at the Centennial Flame), Wellington St., Ottawa... Read more »

Sign the petition to stop the subdivision north of Beaver Pond


There is a rich old-growth forest with 18 species-at-risk, right within the city of Ottawa, Canada's capital.  The City is now building a road through the heart of this unique ecosystem, and on July 19 a developer plans to start clear-cutting trees to build a subdivision!  But the developer made an agreement with the City that it would fulfill 89 conditions for Site Plan approval, including a Tree Preservation Plan and an archaeological plan.  We are calling on the City to make sure all required conditions are met before a single tree is disturbed.  Ultimately we want to stop all construction and protect this pristine area.


Sign the petition here:

City of Ottawa should welcome public intervention to protect the environment

Sierra Club Canada is shocked to hear the City of Ottawa is pressing a
community group for up-front court costs in the South March Highlands
case. Despite City policy not to demand court costs from public
interest community groups, a city solicitor is pressing for the group
to pay as much as $50,000.

“Moves like this impede the democratic process in the City of Ottawa,”
said Sierra Club Canada Executive Director John Bennett. “Citizens
should have a right to voice their concerns without fear of
heavy-handed reprisal.”

The group, South March Highlands Carp River Conservation Inc., is the
legal arm of a coalition of citizen’s organizations fighting the
extension of Terry Fox Drive through a sensitive wetland complex. The
group recently took the City of Ottawa to court, arguing the City... Read more »


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