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Sierra Club Ontario sponsors Markham Foodbelt poll

The Markham Foodbelt has evolved from just being an idea: it is a commitment that is well overdue. The Foodbelt is a long-awaited solution to the need for protecting our dwindling agricultural land base, meeting the rapidly expanding demand for locally produced food, addressing the challenge of climate change and saying no to more sprawl development.... Read more »

Injunction sought to block DRIC border work

WINDSOR, ONT. -- A Canadian environmental group and the Ambassador Bridge have applied for a judicial review of the $5-billion plan to build a new Detroit River bridge.

The requests by the Sierra Club and the bridge were filed in federal
court Dec. 31 and seek an interim injunction blocking any construction related to the project.

Additional Excerpt:

Toronto-based director Dan McDermott admits he is looking to kill the DRIC project. He believes the billions in government funds would be better spent on environmentally friendly projects or improving railways.

“The environmental community is unanimous there is no need for DRIC and see it as a destructive project,” he said.

“For the life of me, I can’t see why this project is attractive for
government to fund. We need to move away from (vehicles) as a means to get around.”... Read more »


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