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Our Water Is Not For Sale, in cooperation with the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees, has produced a new brochure, featuring a postcard to the Environement Minister, to build awareness and support action on Alberta's critical water issues and the threat of water markets. 


Please email info@ourwaterisnotforsale.com if you can help distribute the brochures -- to people at events in your community, to community groups, faith groups, co-workers, family, neighbours, classmates, etc.

We Are Fracking Out!

Dedicated to creating a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing (or "fracking") in Atlantic Canada


There are lots of ways to get involved with your friends and family in helping to stop fracking. We have created an activitst's toolkit that points to all kinds of ways you can take part - whether you are someone who likes to be at the front of the parade or if you are behind the scenes making sure the coffee gets made for a community meeting  - every step you take is important and needed!

Check out the toolkit here for ideas

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Petition Supporting a Legislated Ban on Hydraulic Fracturing for Natural Gas in Nova Scotia

          To mark the official launch of the Petition Supporting a Legislated Ban on Hydraulic Fracturing for Natural Gas in Nova Scotia, Sierra Club Canada – Atlantic Canada Chapter presents a page dedicated to everything you need to know about fracking. To accomplish this, we at the Sierra Club have created the Guide to Hydraulic Fracturing in Atlantic Canada. This guide outlines the fracking process, the risks fracking poses (to air, water, and our economy), as well as a look at fracking in the four Atlantic Provinces. 

What is Fracking?

One method of natural gas exploration, hydraulic fracturing (or, fracking) poses a growing threat to Canadian fresh water resources here in Atlantic Canada. Fracking involves the drilling of a bore vertically and horizontally into shale or coal-bed deposits. The vertical bore is extended horizontally into the shale bed to maximize shale use. The tail of the horizontal pipe is perforated, allowing for the injection of fracking fluid into the shale bed. Sandor ceramic beads suspended in the fluid (called "proppants") hold open the cracks in the shale bed, allowing the natural gas to navigate back to the surface for recovery.
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Nova Scotia Wide Petition to Ban Fracking

This Thanksgiving weekend marks the official launch of Sierra Club Canada - Atlantic Canada Chapter’s petition to ban hydraulic fracturing operations in Nova Scotia. The petition was launched at a public event outside the CORE All Energy Conference, coinciding with a “Town Hall” session led by Energy Ministers from PEI, NS, and NB.

The Petition Supporting a Legislated Ban on Hydraulic Fracturing for Natural Gas in Nova Scotia will run from October 7th to November 30th and will seek signatures from supporters of fresh, accessible water for present and future generations of Nova Scotians.

We're asking for your help in collecting signitures and ensuring that this petition campaign is successful.  Below you'll find a copy of the petition that we ask that you circulate amongst your community.... Read more »


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