Health & Environment


As a society we have seen cancer rates in Canada increase by 1% each and every year. Increasing awareness of high-risk products to protect Canadians from unnecessary health risks is paramount to Sierra Club Canada’s Health and Environment program area.
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Safe Food and Sustainable Agriculture

As food is a major contributor to human health, agriculture can be a major threat to our environment. In 1999, in response to this threat, Sierra Club Canada launched its "Safe Food and Sustainable Agriculture" program.... Read more »

Pesticide Reduction

Pesticides in Canada are widespread and commonly used in households- yet few Canadians are informed about the negative effects of these chemicals. Pesticide regulation in Canada is seen as inadequate by many and pesticides are promoted as “safe”; the risks associated with their use minimized.... Read more »

Tomorrow Today: How Canada can make a world of difference


Issued by the country’s 11 largest environmental and conservation organizations, this document offers practical directions for addressing the number one concern for Canadians – the state of the environment.

The recommendations centre on climate change, energy use, food production, toxic substances, water, forests and oceans.



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