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Information on Georgian bay water levels

For those seeking information on Georgian Bay water levels, there are 3 slideshow presentations attached below.  

There are also a series of videos you can watch on the CTV News Barrie website:


Super low water levels in Georgian Bay are leading to fish & wildlife die-off

Lakes Michigan/Huron/Georgian Bay water levels are now within a few centimetres of setting a new record low. While  more wetlands are drying up, the number of dead birds and fish washing up on the south shores of Georgian Bay are increasing every day. Dead loons, ducks, grebes and Lake Sturgeon ( a Species At Risk) are being picked up by local residents wearing protective gloves.

Locals hope funds can be raised to dredge the entrance to the Nottawasaga River to allow Lake Sturgeon in next spring to be able to spawn. With levels expected to decline more over the coming months the ecological and economic costs are mounting. Interest and support for restoration of Lakes Michigan Huron Georgian Bay waters levels has now broad support around the Great Lakes. ... Read more »

Baird & Assoc.: Middle Great Lakes are 50cm lower than trends say

New information from the internationally respected coastal consulting firm W.F.Baird & Assoc.comes this very disturbing report that Lakes Michigan/Huron/Georgian Bay water levels based on many historic trends should be 50cm higher than they are right now. Baird agrees that climate is a factor but that the rate of erosion in the St Clair River that has lowered lake levels is ongoing and has likely increased very significantly.

Acclaimed enviro writer exposes the politics behind low lake levels

Losses to Lakes Michigan, Huron put focus on St. Clair River

Pressure is mounting on the U.S. and Canadian governments to explore ways to restore water levels on Lakes Michigan and Huron that have been lowered nearly two feet due to historic dredging on the St. Clair River. The two lakes, which are actually one body of water connected at the Straits of Mackinac, have been below their long-term average for more than a decade, and forecasters say in the coming months they could plunge below their record low.

Now an organization of 90 mayors representing more than 15 million residents in cities across the Great Lakes region is telling the International Joint Commission that it is "dissatisfied" with a recent study that determined restoring lake levels by installing some type of structure to repair damage done to the St. Clair River would be a costly project that could take decades and ultimately do more harm than good.... Read more »


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