Forests and Climate Change

Forests, Climate Change and Carbon Reservoirs

A Sierra Club of Canada Discussion Paper — September 2003


Kyoto Forests? Fast-Growing Plantations are Not the Answer

There is increasing interest in meeting some portion of Canada’s Kyoto commitment through “afforestation”, or creating new forests for the purposes of sequestering carbon emissions. In particular, some are pressing for government programs to support the establishment of plantations of fast-growing species. However many experts have expressed strong skepticism about the advisability of such a scheme, citing a number of concerns

Fires, floods demonstrate danger of climate change


Ottawa – Extreme weather events across Canada – including the forest fires in British Columbia and the recent torrential rains in Quebec – are trigging calls for increased action on climate change.

“These forest fires are the kind of thing we expect with a warming climate. While one event does not prove climate change, the overall trend is convincing,” said Dr.

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