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Energy ministers endorse plan to turn Canada into Energy superpower


EDMONTON - Canada’s energy ministers have reached agreement on the foundations for a plan they say could see the country united in a quest to become a global energy superpower.

That will mean a streamlined regulatory system and a push for more efficient energy use.... Read more »

Energy plan on front burner

OTTAWA— Energy and mining ministers from across Canada will sit down Monday for two days of talks on the country’s energy future.

Federal, provincial and territorial ministers will be in Kananaskis, Alta., discussing a possible national energy framework— a pan-Canadian approach to streamlined energy regulations, innovation, supply and exports.

New Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver will co-chair the conference.

The idea of a national strategy is gaining broad support — led by business leaders, including the Canadian Council of Chief Executives.

In its submission to the annual conference, the business advocacy group maintained Canada’s energy resources could be a key driver for the country’s economic future.... Read more »

No easy task for ministers to set national energy strategy in Kananaskis

CALGARY - Energy ministers meeting in picturesque Kananaskis, Alta., next week won't be ejoying a typical relaxing mountain getaway.

University of Alberta professor Andrew Leach says it will be an incredible challenge as the federal and provincial politicians try to come up with a coherent national energy strategy.

He says a unified policy would help boost the value Canada gets for its resources, but it will be tough for every province to get what it wants.

John Bennett, executive director of the environmental group Sierra Club Canada, says the whole thrust of the Kananaskis meeting is flawed.

He says it's focused on expanding Canada's oil export markets, when it should be centred on reducing the country's reliance on fossil fuels that cause climate change.... Read more »

Corporate sponsorship for energy meeting slammed

A coalition of environment groups says the large corporate sponsorship at next week's meeting of energy ministers "sends the wrong message to Canadians."

Eleven energy companies and associations are spending $180,000 to sponsor the annual conference that will be held July 16 to 19 in Kananaskis, Alberta. The sponsorship is just under a third of the approximately $600,000 price tag for the conference.

Federal, provincial and territorial ministers and their deputy ministers are holding their annual meeting to discuss, among other issues, a national energy strategy. But environment groups say the sponsorship is a clear attempt by the petroleum industry to influence people who will be making crucial decisions about Canada's energy future.... Read more »

Private funding for energy ministers meeting a ‘corrupting influence’

A national environmental organization slammed corporate sponsorship of an upcoming meeting of energy ministers, funding the Alberta government and industry defended.

The Sierra Club Canada in a news release bashed the coverage of up to 30 per cent of costs tied to the July 16 to 19 conference in Kananaskis Country by “big oil,” calling money put up by energy firms and groups “a corrupting influence.”

Twelve oil and gas companies and industry organizations are together spending between $150,000 and $180,000 of the $600,000 it will cost for the annual meeting of provincial and territorial energy and mines ministers and their federal counterpart, according to the Alberta government, which is hosting the conference.

Starting Saturday, politicians will visit the Calgary Stampede, tour Alberta’s oilsands and spend time in Kananaskis discussing a proposed national energy framework, among other policy issues.... Read more »


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