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Tar Sand impacts posing 'financial risk' to Alberta, says PCO

OTTAWA — Collateral damage from Canada's booming oilsands sector may be irreversible, posing a "significant environmental and financial risk to the province of Alberta," says a secret memorandum prepared for the federal government's top bureaucrat.

The memorandum, released by the Privy Council Office through access to information legislation, also raises doubts about recent industry and government claims that oilsands companies are reducing heat-trapping gases produced by each barrel of oil.... Read more »

Oil-sponsor role questioned at museum exhibit

Imperial Oil, a sponsor of the Museum of Science and Technology exhibition "Energy: Power to Choose," was actively involved in the message presented to the public, according to emails obtained by CBC News.

The Ottawa museum unveiled the exhibition last year despite criticism from environmental groups like the Sierra Club who said it was in part funded by the Imperial Oil foundation, which contributed $600,000 over six years.

The museum had defended the decision, saying it received funding from a number of energy industry sources, and said the final decision about what would be presented was with the museum itself.... Read more »

Sierra Club Canada welcomes Obama Administration decision on the Keystone XL pipeline

MEDIA RELEASE, January 18, 2012

"We welcome the decision by the Obama Administration to say no to the Keystone XL pipeline," said John Bennett, Executive Director of Sierra Club Canada. “Obama listened to Americans and shared their concerns about the environmental and social impacts. He made the right decision.”

"The Keystone XL pipeline is a bad idea based on bad economics. Today is a victory for the environment and future generations,” said Mr. Bennett. "We only wish the Canadian government would act as thoughtfully when it comes to other proposed mega-Tar Sands projects like the Northern Gateway Pipeline.”

John Bennett, Executive Director
Sierra Club Canada

Follow John Bennett on Twitter... Read more »

Foes fear losing their charitable status

Environmentalists are fearful that the Conservative government is planning to limit their advocacy role after Prime Minister Stephen Harper complained that groups flush with "foreign money" are undermining a controversial pipeline review.

Mr. Harper and Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver stoked activists' fears in recent days by lashing out at environmental groups that have taken money from U.S. donors to build opposition to the $6.6-billion Northern Gateway pipeline that would carry oil-sands bitumen to the British Columbia coast.... Read more »

Demonization of environmentalists stifles debate

On Jan. 9, Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver penned an open letter to Canadians that lumped environmental organizations and advocates with un-named "other radical groups." The letter came three days after Prime Minister Stephen Harper parroted the aggressive oil lobby, suggesting that public hearings reviewing the Enbridge pipeline from the Alberta oilsands to the British Columbia coast at Kitimat and coastal crude oil tankers were being "hijacked" by "foreign interests."

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